The Mystical (December 2014)

by Mix Tape Club


Side A

1.March of Bloodshed - Aaron Trozzo
2.Oh Lady - Brenna Lowrie
3.Swallowed Whole - Colleen Brown and Jesse Northey
4. Red Sun - Mark Mills - Produced by Nils Milkensen
5. Maybe Another Life - Jon Martin

Side B

6. Night Walk/Get It Right - Doug Hoyer
7.Inside House - Fading Found
8. Desolate - Joel Stretch
9. In Unity - Ethan Lentz
10. Vita Somnium - Jason Oakes

Digital Release
11.Chanters - An Ant And An Atom
12. Little Chiefs - John Greenshields
13. Snow Wizard - James Kirkland and Scott Mckellar

Artwork by Evan Who
Design by Iwona Fafarek
Mastering by Jon Martin


released December 1, 2014



Mix Tape Club Alberta

A group of Alberta artists writing a song/month based on the decided theme. Each month the songs get put onto a lovingly handcrafted tape for faithful subscribers who will receive it in the mail.

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