I'm New Here (September 2014)

by Mix Tape Club


I'm New Here - SIDE A

1.Curtis Windover- What is the Point?
2.Karimiah - Don't Let Me Eat Alone
3.Conscillience- All I Know
4.Liam Trimble - Front Page Of The End Times
5.Paul Cournoyer - California Cowgirl
6.Brenna Lowrie - Now (Again)


6. Jesse Northey- It's Just A Card
7.Mark Mills- Little Bike
8.Jon Martin- Nothing is Familiar
9.Joel Stretch- Pressed into the Pavement
10.Doug Hoyer - Born Yesterday
11. Scott Bartlett - All Brand New


Scott Mckellar - Into Gold
Aaron Trozzo - Canoe Here
J. Eygenraam - Heat of The Night
Joe Nolan- Untitled
Michael Granzow- I'm New Here


released September 1, 2014

Mastered by Jon Martin
Artwork by Robyn Holly Taylor-Neu
Layout by Iwona Farafek



Mix Tape Club Alberta

A group of Alberta artists writing a song/month based on the decided theme. Each month the songs get put onto a lovingly handcrafted tape for faithful subscribers who will receive it in the mail.

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